Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wednesday September 12

After our visit to Lake Malawi we returned “home” to Makupo village. We knew it would be a joyful evening - a farewell party for our group, and yet at the same time we knew it would make us even more emotional as we prepared to leave the next morning.

After dinner, the whole of Makupo village gathered in the OPSEU Guest House – more than 60 women, men and children as well as the Chief and the Makupo Committee. The women danced and sang as people gathered in the hostel and then we began our presentation.
Geri Kakeeway presented a reading about the relationship between water and life, the men sang “I’s the By” as the OPSEU women danced to the tune of Jonathan’s banjo, the women sang Bread and Rose with a new verse in English and Chichewa:

“As we are leaving, leaving

It’s time for us to part

The memory of Makupo we carry in our heart

Pang’ono, pang’ono, Ndi mtolo

(Little by little - as we gather in small quantities, we make a big bundle)

Timaku – kondani

(We love you)

Zikomo, zikomo (Thank you , Thank you)

Mary and Francis MC our evening
Geraldine speaks about Water as Life
OPSEU men sing I's the By
Some of the youth from Jonathan's tin whistle class
Samantha and Shannon giving the children dolls made by a 92 year old Canadian woman

Amy MacKinnon and Eric Davis formally thanked the village committee and members and presented them with OPSEU T-shirts; Samantha Payne and Shannon Nolan presented the children with special dolls made by an 83 year old women from Shannon’s region specifically to give to the children, we provided snacks for the village and the Chief gave a speech thanking us for our visit. After the Chief, Doug Miller spoke of the importance of Makupo – building the capacity of the community – and Peter Yhompson reflected on the warmth and solidarity we received from everyone in the village. The women and youth danced and sang and Jonathan Lynn’s class of tin whistle payers entertained us (as did Jonathan with a piece of Spoken Word) and it was an extremely emotional evening for all.

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