Monday, September 10, 2012

OPSEU Plans Action

On Saturday night, September 8, we had our first major debriefing among our group. We had given ourselves a little time to process Friday’s experience before discussing it as a group.

What we had observed at the three schools on Friday had been quite upsetting. All of us felt deeply disturbed about the conditions facing these hundreds of children and we needed to talk it out and also to decide on what we could do to assist the schools in very concrete ways.

We have agreed to collectively buy blankets for the Chilanga School for the Blind dormitory for boarders and to contribute some food to the schools, once again for the boarders who quite clearly do not get enough food right now.

Some of our members with extensive experience in international solidarity work summed up the need to translate our feelings of guilt and hurt into taking action in our unions and communities. We have only been in Makupo village for a few days but already we are planning how to take our message back to OPSEU members and regions. More about that later…

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