Monday, September 10, 2012

Uplifting tribute to OPSEU

Today we want to focus on a very uplifting tribute to OPSEU.

This morning, Saturday, September 8, we started early in the morning and walked 4 kilometres to Nguwo village for a special ceremony. Hundreds of local women, men and children and the elders or headmen (village leaders from all around) greeted us at about 3.5 kilometres into our walk. The women danced and sang ahead of us and escorted the OPSEU delegation to the ceremony.

As we approached a large cleared area of red earth, we saw a beautiful well and pump with a huge sign emblazoned on it: OPSEU Umodzi Solidarity 2012 and we were overcome with emotion. OPSEU members and staff were specially seated around the well and Thedore Saka, a 93-year-old village elder, welcomed us and thanked OPSEU on behalf of the almost 1000 people who have benefitted from the new well.



Women danced for us, a young woman sang for us, young men danced and drummed for us, a young girl recited a thank you poem, there was a special play produced for us focusing on village life before and after the well.


OPSEU Executive Board member, Mary Cory, thanked the gathering on our behalf and after a few hours of wonderful celebrating we left, exhausted but exhilarated and extremely proud to represent our union OPSEU here in Malawi.


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