Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday September 9

This morning our OPSEU group chose among various activities offered by Makupo village.  One group trekked up Kasungu mountain with some of the youth from the village while a second group accompanied some of the village women to church and in the afternoon, others cheered on the Makupo soccer team at their game.

Accompanied by Berea, Fraser, Kenny, Themba and other village youths, the OPSEU group climbed up the Kasungu mountain to a height of over 2,000 ft. and down again in a matter of a few hours.

We made it to the top!  Ascending the mountain tested our breathing capacity but the climb down the rocky mountain path was hard on the knees.

Some of our group went to church and were treated to some beautiful harmonies as different community choirs sang at the service.  The favourite was the boys’ choir from the School for the Blind in Chilanga.

Peter Thompson, Chair of the OPSEU Workers of Colour Caucus is a soccer coach in Windsor Ontario in his spare time.  Somehow he was able to bring 100 soccer shirts, an assortment of soccer shoes and even some soccer balls on this trip.  Imagine the joy of the Makupo soccer team as they wore their new shirts and shoes on Sunday afternoon at the local soccer match.  Normally the young men walk for hours to get to their soccer match and then after the match they walk home again. Today, they came in the minibus with OPSEU members who were their star cheerleaders. Of course our Makupo team won - four goals to three!

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