Monday, September 17, 2012

We continue to experience difficulties in getting the blog up on a regular basis while in Southern Africa,  so here is a brief report of our activities in the past several days:
Saturday evening, September 8
After the wonderful day spent at the ceremony honouring OPSEU’s contribution to the Nguwo well, we returned home to the village.

Geraldine Kakeeway and Amy McKinnon at the “OPSEU well” surrounded by Nguwo village children

 On Saturday evening we were treated to a wonderful musical evening.  Jonathan Lynn is accompanying our group and documenting some of our participation in village life in Malawi.  After fundraising among friends and family in Canada, he brought with him a brand new tenor banjo for the youth of the village – bringing the banjo home to its roots in Africa, he said.  Jonathan and Doug Miller, Canadian Coordinator of the Makupo Development Project, flew ahead of the group to prepare for our arrival.   

Tears flowed once again Saturday evening as we sat and listened to a special song dedicated to OPSEU.

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