Friday, August 31, 2012

Wish us well as the OPSEU Solidarity Tour group heads off to Malawi after the long weekend.  By Thursday evening, September 6, we will be in the village of Makupo in Malawi, witnessing all of the work that OPSEU has done to assist this village in building capacity for its own community.  The only lights in the village at night are solar lights provided by OPSEU in 2008.  We will bathe in tin tubs but the water comes gushing from a well provided by OPSEU.  Stay tuned for reports from the village (if we can get internet in the nearby town of Kasungu!)  We are loaded down with soccer balls, shirts, shoes, medical supplies, etc.. all solidarity gifts from folks back here.  Thanks again for all of your fundraising support which enabled this wonderful group of OPSEU ambassadors to travel to Southern Africa!  Bye for now!

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